Amateur Radio | David Batty

Amateur Radio

I have been using CB radio since 1980, but now I have been taking my Amateur Radio licences. I gained the Foundation M6 licence in May 2018, I passed my Intermediate 2E0 licence in July 2018, and I will be taking my Advanced licence test in December 2018.

I am developing online courses for those studying for amateur radio exams, these will go live in 2019 when the new syllabus comes in to force.

I have also developed a skill for the Amazon Echo which tests a students knowledge of foundation licence syllabus. This will go live when I have rewritten the questions for the new syllabus.

I first got in to radio when I built a radio receiver at school in 1977, to give todays children the same thrill I got from building my own radio, I am developing a radio course for schools, so schoolchildren can learn about radio, electronics and communications. This will be delivered in schools, with the students building their own radio from scratch. Hopefully for some this will lead to developing their skills further, and gaining their amateur radio licence.